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of the GOON - PA


Sixteen-year-old twins Lenny and Cassy Conklin wearily return home after a trying adventure in Duscany, but fate has another mystery in store for them.

At his castle in Duscany, Lenny encounters a gigantic, salamander-like monster called a Goon-Pa that is intent on swallowing him whole. The problem is that only he can see it.

At his wit’s end, he pleads with his powerful sister, the Queen of the Whelfs, for help. She insists that Lenny is time-walking and that someone is calling to him for help. She also insists that a gorgeous half whelf, half human young woman named Starr is also key to the mystery.

Lenny, Jenna and Starr embark on a journey that traps them in a maze without walls along with a mysterious sorcerer. They discover that they have no choice except to solve the maze in two days even though they are cast as opponents or else be trapped in the maze forever.

… the aspects of the magical devices are constantly changing, giving the book a
pleasantly challenging “puzzle” aspect . . . Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book Awards on The Wizor Fair

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