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Fluke Family:

Maynerd Fluke Dumsted is fresh from a win against the Demons of the Deep, but he must defeat them in a greater battle to save Mithra, his new ladylove, and his friends.The Fluke Family Curse winds up to full speed in this rollicking battle for survival to defeat Maynerd Dumsted’s archrivals, Nog, and Maremar, the King of the Demons of the Deep. Mithra, his lady love, asks for Maynerd’s help to recover her inheritance after his parent’s death from pirates. Maynerd agrees to help along with his giant bodyguard Corbin, his adopted daughter, Dandy May as well as an assortment of other friends.When they arrive in Ashrhine City to visit the Master of Owenrod Castle, they’re immediately met with distrust and scepticim. But a mysterious sorcerer named Fingis sells Maynerd out to the Anointing a super powerful spirit force that threatens to destroy him and his friends.Maynerd must discover the secret behind the Anointing and his treacherous golem creation to save himself and all of his friends.

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