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Although Lord Hamer Bleathune controls a fourth of the kingdom of Calpathon, he maintains an uneasy truce with King Maldon Zefron the true king who seeks to win it back but is reluctant to go to war because of Lord Hamer’s reputation as a great sorcerer.


Lord Hamer is content to wait since the people love him and resent the evil King Maldon. They would very much prefer to have Lord Hamer sitting on the throne of all of Calpathon than the true king.


Lord Hamer’s plans are upset when he decides to shelter a mad dwarf named Kaman but who calls himself Fear. Kaman proves to be the harbinger of a greater evil that will send Lord Hamer and King Maldon into a conflict that could destroy the truce and worse, the whole kingdom. The horror begins when Lord Hamer sets out to court the king’s niece Mardot who despises him. He kidnaps her to prove that he’s not the tyrannical sorcerer King Maldon believes him to be, but this only enrages King Maldon into attacking Lord Hamer’s castle.


A comedy of errors ensues that drags everyone through a romp through the mischievous machinations of Lord Hamer to not only win Mardot’s love, but the entire kingdom of Calpathon. King Maldon, however, plans to remove his head at the nearest opportunity and take the rest of the kingdom for himself.

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