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Fluke Family:


Continuing his voyage aboard the Fyre Mayden, Maynerd Fluke Dumsted must find a way to rescue his ship and friends from the doldrums controlled by the Demons of the Deep.


Upon Maynerd Fluke Dumsted’s escape form Luloo Land aboard the sailing ship Fyre Myden, he and his friends find themselves trapped in the doldrums, which is controlled by Maremar, the master of the monsters of the sea. Maremar and the Demons of the Deep hatch a dastardly plan to return Maynerd to Luloo Land, but Maynerd hatches a plan to escape the doldrums and Maremar’s grip.

The sudden appearance of two coffins aboard the Fyre Mayden makes it even more difficult to manage the already defensive attitudes brewing aboard ship. The coffins contain the two kings Maynerd befriended in Luloo Land. Jobber, a muddled Luloo Land sprite transported them aboard so that Maynerd could fulfill his promise to bury them on their homeland soil irrespective of the curses they brought with them.

Since the demon, Nog, has already cursed Maynerd to die on the field of battle on or before his eighteenth birthday, it is even more difficult for him to overcome the threats thrown against him and to manage his own sanity.

Book Review

Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite

Fluke Family Assassin by Robert A. G. Erickson is a YA fantasy novel with a sense of humor. In a raucous tale of the sea, quirky but well- meaning Maynerd Fluke Dumsted has to battle against the Demons of the Deep to save his shipmates from the doldrums, monsters of the deep. These monsters of the deep are headed by Maremar, who devises a plot to send Maynerd back to Luloo Land. Maynerd, however, has a plot of his own, as he has no intention of returning to Luloo Land. They are on board the Fyre Mayden, but the crew isn't the most intriguing thing about the book's opening--it's the two coffins holding the corpses of kings on the ship. How did they get on board? What does it have to do with Maynerd's destiny? A great drama with a healthy sense of humor awaits.

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