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Fluke Family Curse.jpg

Fluke Family:

Maynerd Fluke Dumsted faces an impossible final  showdown with the Demons of the Deep, which he must win or die along his lady love and the friends who have stuck by him.


It’s been two years since the Demon Nog cursed Maynerd to die on the field of battle on or before his eighteenth birthday, which is now only weeks away.


Nog has signed a final agreement with Maremar the King of the Demons of the Deep to return Maynerd and his friends to the cursed island of Luloo Land in a final bid to make his last curse come to fruition.


However, Nog and Maremar’s ideas of how to accomplish that task differ greatly, which gives Maynerd a fighting chance to defend himself and his friends. He’s stronger and wiser now and has a few new ideas of his own. He makes it clear that he won’t go down quietly, which delights Maremar but enrages Nog who sees himself as the only winner with Maynerd’s death, and he does not care who else dies with him.


Maynerd realizes that he has little hope of survival, but he must defeat the dual demon strategy in order to save his lady love and friends from certain death along with him.

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