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Fluke Family:


First in the Fluke Family series, Fluke Family Fortune sets the stage for the comical misadventures of Maynerd Fluke Dumsted. To afford the love of the beautiful but shrewish Sue Tew, Maynerd Dumsted sets out to follow the clues to the family fortune hidden somewhere in the cursed Kingdom of Gnat.


A sometimes well-intentioned ghost gnome tags along for laughs, but his selfish machinations often mean more trouble for Maynerd. Other friends join the fun, such as the lovable five-year-old orphan, Dandy May, who cavorts with dandelion fairies; the head-bashing ogress Grissel who hates songs sung about her; an ineffectual thousand-year-old madman; plus a retired clodhopper named Sam Simple and his fun loving mule, Jazibell.


A family curse and the grandiose scheme of the brigand King Kryan Kruke to transform him into the new national hero to reunite the four scattered kingdoms of the land of Gnaught further complicates Maynerd’s plans to find the family fortune.

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