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Marzian's Martians

Doctor Cassel Marzian developed homindroids to assist him in sending humankind to the stars, but a mysterious mad man forces him to wage war with the Terrorist Nation to save the Earth from self-destruction.


Doctor Cassel Marzian founded the Mars Colony in order to quietly invent and manufacture humanoid androids he calls homindroids; however, his android inventions are not favored on Earth particularly with a mysterious individual who has created his own colony called the Terrorist Nation. He has flagrantly vowed to destroy the Mars Colony. He openly uses Doctor Marzian’s cyborg technology to create an army of super cyborgs known as zombies. His protracted war is now two centuries in the making and threatens to send the world up in flames.


The Terrorist Nation’s threats of war have become all too real and too expensive for humankind to ignore as his zombie armies invaded and took control of multiple nations in the middle east. He has his sights set on India, but the Global President has other plans. The leader of the Terrorist Nation has no choice except to devise a plan that would destroy the Marzian family influence over the economic interests of Earth and over the Global President.


Doctor Cassel Marzian’s son Casey must prove his brilliance by protecting the Global President and his family while devising a way to stop the mad man and save the world that now teeters on the brink of self-destruction.

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