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Shadow Hunters

Fifteen-year-old twins Lenny and Cassy return to the Kingdom of Duscany to attend the Wizor Ball and renew old friendships, but Jenna, the sorcerer Scapita’s niece, is unhappy about preparing for the upcoming Wizor Fair, which she lost miserably the prior year.

Since Cassy is the Queen of the Whelfs, she is preparing to enter the whelf Long Night to preside over the battle for the whelf queenship, but she has amorous designs on King Cavindal. Rosemary, the ghost of the King’s daughter, asks that they find her brother, Prince Symon, who everyone believes dead, but Rosemary insists that he still lives.

Although no one has seen the sorcerer Grodin since his escape from the castle dungeon the year before, he is busy organizing a brood of shadow wolves that plan to destroy the whelf queen and rule Duscany in the King’s place.

Once the King falls ill from a damaging shadow wolf attack, it becomes even more important to find Symon, his only heir to the throne. The twins must thwart Grodin’s plot in order to save themselves and their loved ones from certain destruction.

. . . the biggest “fault” in Erickson’s tale is that we become so close to his characters that we don’t want their story to end . . .           —USReview on The Wizor Fair

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