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The Curse of the Boran (1).jpg
The Curse of the Boran (1).jpg

of the BORAN


Fraternal twins, Lenny and Cassy, set out to help Zada recover her memory by pleading with Bella the dryad for help, but she demanded a terrible price.

Bella sends them back into the past of the Kingdom of Duscany thousands of years only to fall under the terrible power of the Curse of the Boran. For the first time since she became the Queen of the Whelfs, her powers are stripped from her and barred from helping Lenny and his girlfriend, Jenna. She can only rely on Breeden, the sorcerer Scapita’s magical half, to help her recover from a mysterious illness.

Lenny and Jenna encounter Effita, a young woman dedicated to opening the door to another world, the world from where the people of Duscany must have originated sometime in the ancient past. They soon realize that their lives are irreversibly intertwined. Sharing the same fate, they search for the door only to discover a terrifying secret if they open it. Their only other choice is to remain lost in the past, never to return home again.

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