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The Dawn of the Whelfs

Fifteen-year-old Lenny and his twin sister Cassy embark on a quest to learn the origin of the Whelfs in old Eskeling. The quest in magical game form soon became far more real than they imagined it could be.


Weary from their prior adventure, Lenny simply planned to finish the reconstruction of his castle in Duscany, but his sister Cassandra the Queen of the Whelfs had other ideas. She proposed to play a particularly realistic magical game created by the Power of the Fen. All they and their friends had to do was to take on the identities of real people who lived a thousand years in the past of ancient Eskeling and survive the fate of the Citadel, which spanned the valley that guarded the border between the Kingdom of Eskeling and Tanar.


She described the game as being ‘. . . filled with mystery, murder, mayhem, magic, a kingdom in trouble and desperate characters who would stop at nothing to usurp a kingdom from the rightful ruler.’


However, she failed to explain that dying was also a very real possibility.


. . . the biggest “fault” in Erickson’s tale is that we become so close to his characters that we don’t want their story to end . . .


—US Review on The Wizor Fair

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