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The King of the Whelfs

Fifteen-year-old twins Lenny and Cassy of Seattle return to the Kingdom of Duscany to restore the castle nearly destroyed by Master Sorcerer Grodin’s monsters, but they soon discover that Grodin is determined not to make it easy for them.


Master Sorcerer Scapita mysteriously summons Prince Leonard and Cassandra the Queen of the Whelfs back to the mystic Kingdom of Duscany. Although Lenny calls himself the Wizard of Seattle, King Cavindal of Duscany confers the new title of Master Sorcerer upon him. Scapita implores him to finish rebuilding the castle partially destroyed by Master Sorcerer Grodin’s monsters. Lenny is reluctant, but eventually agrees.


Bent on revenge, Master Sorcerer Grodin discovers a way to escape from prison. He plots to destroy the inhabitants of Duscany by traveling a thousand years back in time through the dark mirror to infect the citizens with a deadly zombie illness. If he succeeds, the Kingdom of Duscany would cease to exist. When Grodin ups the ante by capturing Scapita, the twins are determined to rescue him, but they must solve the secret of the dark mirror and follow Grodin into the ancient past of Duscany.


Lenny and Cassy soon discover that if Grodin succeeds, they could lose everyone in Duscany they had ever loved including their own parents.


. . . the biggest “fault” in Erickson’s tale is that we become so close to his characters that we don’t want their story to end . . .


—USReview on The Wizor Fair

     The aspects of the magical devices are constantly changing, giving the book a pleasantly challenging “puzzle” aspect . . . Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards on The Wizor Fair

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