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The Wizard of Seattle

Feeling overshadowed by the success of his twin sister, Cassy the Queen of the Whelfs, Lenny embarks on a quiet adventure of his own, but soon discovers that dark forces have other plans for him.


     Lenny sets out on a journey of self-discovery in the Kingdom of Duscany where he is known as Prince Leonard of the Bugowards, but he prefers to be called the Wizard of Seattle. He plans to repair the ancient castle of King Gunber who built it after the fall of Eskeling a thousand years before. Since his magic abilities have been growing greatly, he sets out to prove his worth. Jenna, Master Sorcerer Scapita’s niece, volunteers to help with the logistics of obtaining food during his stay at the castle, but she is interested in him as a man. Before long, she has mastered the wizors to repair wood and stone. Together they accomplish many repairs to the castle; however, a shadowy apparition shows them the way to a hidden dark mirror that brings trouble with it. When their friend Master Sorcerer Skeldon arrives, he becomes concerned when he learns of the mirror and what it could represent.


     When Jenna suddenly vanishes, Skeldon calls for help in the form of King Cavindal, Scapita and Guena, Jenna’s teacher and an accomplished sorceress. Before long, Skeldon, Lenny and his Bugoward girlfriend Zada vanish into the mirror. King Cavindal and the King of the Bugowards worry over the existence of the black mirror, but could it actually be a threat to the security of the Kingdom of Duscany itself?


. . . the biggest “fault” in Erickson’s tale is that we become so close to his characters that we don’t want their story to end . . .           —USReview on The Wizor Fair

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