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The Wizor Fair

Twins Lenny and Cassy must overcome a power struggle between two powerful sorcerers and a wicked fairy before they can return home.


Skeldon, an apprentice sorcerer searching for magic wizors to help him compete at The Wizor Fair, transports himself from the parallel world of Duscany to modern day Seattle where he enlists fourteen-year-old twins Lenny and Cassy to help him, but he accidentally transforms Cassy into a fairy called a whelf. 

The twins return with him to the medieval Kingdom of Duscany, but the magic of the Whelf Fen inescapably draws Cassy into the Long Night to compete for the whelf queenship against the evil Night Shadow.

 Lenny and Skeldon must unravel the mysterious relationship of the shadow wolves stalking the sorcerers of the kingdom, the power struggle between two powerful sorcerers and the whelf battle being waged during the Long Night. The battles could ultimately decide the fate of the Kingdom of Duscany and perhaps the world.

Book Review

Reviewed by Pacific Book Review

The Wizor Fair takes a whimsical and even humorous look at other fantasy worlds and wizardry, who in this story are known as Wizors. Lenny and Cassy form an unlikely friendship with a Wizor named Skeldon. Of the three “children” Lenny is the most sarcastic and unafr aid, however Skeldon has a rather rough exterior which I assume highlights his background.

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